CUB 3D Scanning Services

CUB 3D gives 3D examining administrations utilizing organized light scanners and laser scanners. CUB3D uses the Range 7 and Vivid 9i 3D laser scanners and also an assortment of different instruments for information accumulation. Particular virtual products are utilized to adjust the diverse point mists together. The last information set can then be post prepared to the wanted document position for the clients application.

CUB 3d Scanning and Printing Services uses best in class non-contact, laser based equipment and programming filtering innovation that delivers profoundly precise sweep information. The mix of driving edge innovation and low overhead permits us to offer excellent 3D filtering and computerized figuring out administrations at a much lower cost.

Figuring out, dimensional assessment, and 3D configuration administrations are performed either on location or at our office.

CUB 3d Scanning and Printing Services examine the items up to 200 cubic centimeters. We additionally give the 3D printed parts from post prepared output information.

Administrations we give:

High-exactness 3D examining

On location 3D checking of substantial items

Face and body checking

Figuring out to local CAD groups

Dimensional review

Fast prototyping

Record Formats We Deliver:

Local, completely parametric 3D CAD: SolidWorks, ProE Wildfire, Siemens NX, Autodesk Inventor

Nonpartisan CAD: .x_t, .x_b, .igs, .stp, .sat

Polygon models: .stl, .obj, .3ds, .wrl, .dxf, .collada

Investigation reports: .pdf, .xls

CUB 3d Scanning and Printing Services for Automotive Industries

By building sturdy idea models, models, tooling and low-volume end-use parts in-house, car specialists and planners can work all the more iteratively, test all the more completely and move unquestionably into generation.

Why CUB 3d Scanning and Printing Services for Automotive Design?

Supplant Expensive CNC Production

By supplanting costly and lead-time basic CNC-processed parts with in-house made plastic parts, you can significantly lessen your generation costs. The printed plastic parts likewise perform better in fact, weigh less, and are appropriate for the generation of complex bodies that, when utilizing ordinary metal-cutting procedures, would be extremely troublesome and expensive to deliver.

CUB 3d Scanning and Printing Services:-

Make Better Assembly Tools

For hand-held gadgets utilized on the sequential construction system, architects can utilize 3D printing to make ergonomically planned get together guides that perform superior to anything routinely made instruments.

CUB 3d Scanning and Printing Services :-

Test and Identify Design Problems

At times utilizing CAD models alone is not as viable at discovering outline issues as a 3D printed physical part you can without much of a stretch recognize a segment issue that may have been missed in the starting configuration stage.

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