Rapid Prototyping (RP) is defined as a group of technologies used to quickly produce a scale model of a component or group of components using 3-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data. It can also be referred to as additive manufacturing and/or 3D printing. Over the past 20 years we have seen how Rapid Prototyping has reshaped industry. Designers and engineers have seen a reduction in product development lead times with prototype models produced and delivered within days not weeks. Production teams can find costly production errors before they arise by examining a highly accurate model of the final product, while customers benefit from a shift towards mass customization of consumer goods.

Cube 3D Printing is the latest 3D printing and rapid prototyping facility in Australia, the US and the UK and around the world. We specialize in turn 3-D digital models in real physical objects you can pick up and handle.

An interesting aspect of the rapid prototyping 3D printing is that, because the models themselves such high production and finishes, they can be used as production parts in the correct circumstances. I believe this process is the norm in the future, with a compromise and expensive items are displayed and printed by a rapid prototyping 3D printing machine, tool and save production costs.

Benefits into Rapid Prototyping are that designers have the freedom to create models that are complex in surfaces and shaped without worrying about accurate production. This is something that would have been impossible or very tedious to achieve with conventional prototyping because of restrictions in physical components and prototype tooling. Creativity is taken to the next level by rapid prototyping technique.


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The prototypes are used for both product testing and the demonstration of a product to investors or potential buyers. With the possibility for prototyping house via a 3D printer, not only is this process more easily made, changes in design can be carried out on the fly. If you present your product to an investor who wants to see a change in your product. The reality is that this change can be performed in less than a day, depending on the complexity of the change. This level of flexibility can greatly reduce your time prototype of the production, which is something that an investor would.

There is the number of 3d Printing Company these days, providing cost effective 3D printing services, Rapid Prototyping 3d printing but cub3dprinting is the better of one them.

So do want to have your own 3D printed figurines? Or are you from the medical industry and need to have body parts in 3D structure? All the 3D printing services under one roof! We at Cub3D are specialized in Rapid Prototyping 3d Printing. We are amazing in 3D printing parts at affordable cost that starts from $8 per hour with various materials leading time of just 2 days. This service is also referred as additive manufacturing. With more than 20 years of experience, we have worked at all stages of this technology and have enhanced our prototyping knowledge and experience. We have also specialized in 3D- Digital Modeling that is real physical model that you handle easily. There many benefits that our customers gets accurate productions, and high work quality. Just get in touch with us for more detail information.