Create your ideas into reality.

We’re a Toledo, Ohio based 3D printing company, offering product design and 3D scanning services in addition to plastic prototyping nationwide. In this age of communication and instant information-transfer, we are able to seamlessly serve clients anywhere with a phone and internet connection!

CUB3D Printing (LLP) was founded in 2014 with the goal of bridging the gap between “concept” and production tooling. Our experience in tooling design and manufacturing techniques allows us to consider the entire life cycle of a product. We can not only help you design a 3D printable part, but an injection moldable part, and a part designed with cost-savings in mind.

Our Philosophy

3D printing has changed the design process. It has taken 3D modelling one step further. 3D modelling is a great way to visualize your new designs, but what if you could hold it in your hands, then pass it around for everyone to have a look at, to touch and feel it in their hands?!?

3D printing used to be only for large product manufacturers who were designing products that were going to be mass produced in the thousands. It always made sense to create sample versions of any new design, it just wasn’t affordable without the massive scale. That was then, this is now.

Now, if you have a 3D model (or if you don’t, we can help you create one), you can turn your model into reality at an affordable cost.


  • Material – ABS or PLA
  • Colors – Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Light Blue, Luminous, Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink or White
  • Print Volume – up 10 inch
  • Model Files – STL, OBJ, or WRL


“The product looked great and functioned perfectly. Communication was quick and precise.”
Pat G. – Michigan

“These guys are great and have excellent customer service. Highly recommended.”
Aaron W. – Ohio

“Great work as always. Great guy, good product.”
Jay N. – Ohio

“Professional service and fair price.”
Cactus C. – Ohio

“Super fast A++++”
Matt H. – Michigan